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Artist Statement

My name is Tracey Chaykin and I’m an Award-Winning Colored Pencil Artist from Napa, California. Born and raised in the boroughs of New York City, I’ve always desired to be creative even from an early age with Nature as my main inspiration.  My Art is a reflection of the beauty that is all around us utilizing Hyper-Realism to preserve the subject with creative license/imagination for the supporting backgrounds.

Colored Pencil is my medium of choice with every new piece providing an opportunity to challenge myself to invent new ways to work with this versatile medium.  Some days it’s Colored Pencil on its own, sometimes combined with other mediums. Once a subject is chosen, I study the subject and consider how to best represent using Colored Pencil and if adding other mediums such as Gouache, Acrylic Pouring, Metal Leaf or even Palette Knife painting, will further help the subject come alive. 

In our day and age with the increasing effects of Climate Change on environments around the world; I choose to capture moments from the smallest of insects to people. My efforts are not only to preserve but to also participate in conservation efforts. Groups like Artists and Biologists Unite for Nature and Artists for a Green Planet provide the ideal platform with campaigns to achieve these goals; bring a voice to those that can’t speak for themselves. Goals to share the beauty and diversity of our world and that we all deserve a place to live in it.  We all have a responsibility to ensure our world’s survival for future generations and all living on this Planet!

If my Art inspires the smallest of changes, evokes emotion, then I’ve achieved my goal!

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"Creativity is Intelligence having fun!"

Albert Einstein

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