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Snow Leopard in Colored Pencil

Journey to the Wild Side of Tracey Chaykin Fine Art

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to The Ocean Conservancy to protect the ocean from today's most significant challenges!

An Award-Winning Artist Making a Difference


My name is Tracey Chaykin, and I am an award-winning colored pencil artist, writer, conservationist, environmentalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur striving to make a difference in the world through my art, articles, and actions. I strive to be an example, evoke emotion, and inspire small changes to impact our environment positively.  With enough positive efforts, we can help preserve our planet and ensure its legacy for the future. 

Tracey Chaykin Profile Photo.jpg
Chart of the path to the creation of Microplastics

Artistically Protecting the Planet

Our planet is the perfect example of Creativity!  The colors, varied environments, and life on this planet inspire my desire to create moments to share the awe and beauty around us!  My inspiration takes this further by disseminating knowledge to preserve our way of life. My first Blog of the New 2024 Year is no exception, addressing a culprit that has penetrated all facets of our lives, creating havoc and harm: microplastics.  This will be a topic I delve into more as the year unfolds to coincide with the 2024 Earth Day theme, "Plastics vs. Planet."  Follow my Blog, "Artistically Protecting the World," to learn more about my inspirations and experiences!

"As Seen In"

Throughout my artistic career, I have been humbled and honored with numerous awards for my conservation-focused artwork.  My artwork has been viewed on Billboards in Times Square and published in multiple magazines, books, interviews, and exhibitions worldwide!  The most recent exhibition of my work is on the online group show held by HMVC Gallery of New York entitled "Piece of Me" with my artwork "Connected" on display.  Congratulations to all the participating artists!

Tracey Chaykin-Piece of Me Exhibition HMVC
Colored Pencil drawing of Ornamental Cabbage

Our planet is a vast canvas of infinite inspiration for those who see beyond the surface.

Tracey Chaykin

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