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Sanctuary Colored Pencil Artwork with Bees and Honeycomb


I AM...

A Humanitarian.

A mine of information.

An advocate for flora and fauna.

A preservationist for our environment.

An artist with a purpose.


Tracey Chaykin is an award-winning colored pencil artist who makes a difference in the world. With a mission to bring awareness to the conservation of our planet, her realistic and detailed drawings inspire others to take action and help save the planet. Tracey Chaykin is a unique and talented artist who uses her art to impact our environment positively.


Tracey Chaykin is committed to using her art to promote conservation and has had the honor of working with many organizations and initiatives to spread the message. Her work has been featured in ArtTour International Magazine, an online magazine that showcases contemporary visual artists and their artwork. She has also partnered with the IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group to create awareness of otter conservation through her art. In addition, Tracey has worked with ABUN - Artists and Biologists Unite for Nature, a group of scientists and artists who are devoted to creating positive change for nature conservation, and Artist for a Green Planet, a platform that connects and celebrates artists who are working to create a more sustainable future. All of these collaborations have helped Tracey reach a wider audience and spread her message of conservation even further.

Tracey Chaykin's award-winning art has been gaining attention around the world. Over the past few years, she has been honored with numerous awards for her conservation-focused artwork. Awards include The ArtTour International Magazine’s (ATIM) Top 60 Masters award for 2022 and 2023, their Emerald Artya Award, and their Collector's Choice Award. Tracey also earned First Place in Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) DC210’s Explorations in Colored Pencil IX.

Tracey Chaykin is a renowned artist whose work has been featured in many publications. Her artwork was featured on the Broadway Plaza billboard in Times Square, New York, and in the Amazon Best-Seller book ATIM's Top 60 Masters, published by ArtTour International Magazine. Her work was featured in Southwest Art Magazine, American Art Collector, and International Artist Magazine. In addition to these publications, Tracey was chosen as one of the Editor's Choice featured artists for 2023 and highlighted on the ArtTour International Magazine website as Star of the Week with an Art2Heart Interview.

Tracey Chaykin is looking ahead to a future of continued conservation-based artwork. As part of her mission to help conserve our planet, Tracey also hopes to collaborate with more organizations and individuals dedicated to making a difference. She believes that together we can have a more significant impact than any of us alone.

Tracey Chaykin holding "Small but Mighty" Colored Pencil Artwork
CPSA DC210 2022 Livermore Artwalk with "Sunflowers for Ukraine" Artworks

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