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Image from Tonantzin Interview on Facebook Live

Press & Media

Meet Tracey Chaykin: A Multi-Faceted Creative Force

Tracey Chaykin

Tracey has been Featured In:

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Interviews (TV/Podcast)

TONANTZIN - A Call for Mother Earth

Interview by Arttour International CEO Viviana Puello

2023 Spring Launch of Arttour International Magazine

Interview by CEO Viviana Puello sharing Tracey's Cover Art and Magazine Content.

Art2Heart Interview with Viviana Puello

January 2023 Star of the Week

2022 Top 60 Master Artist Award

2022 Top 60 Masters Award Recipient Recognition & Introduction


Mixed Media Possibilities!

Published on Ann's Colored Pencil News & Stuff Blog

A blog about my working thru a mixed media piece that has fueled my desire to expand my thinking outside the box and creating new combinations with my Colored Pencils for unique pieces of art!”

Media (Print/Online)

ICON magazine

A digital magazine by Arttour International

View the beauty of nature through the eyes of celebrated visual artist, Tracey Chaykin. Her artwork encourages environmental conversations and reminds us of the importance of conservation. See the magic of our world, brought to life through her fusion of drawing and painterly techniques.

New York Conservation News

An Online News Outlet with a focus on Conservation

Tracey Chaykin has been awarded the ATIM's Top 60 Masters Award by ArtTour International Magazine. Originally from the United States, this Artist has earned world recognition for her hyper-realistic artworks.

Written Works & Collaborations

Draw Wildlife Book
The Burn Factor: A Glimpse at the Devastating Impacts of Climate Change-Driven Wildfires
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch photo by Ocean Cleanup

Plastic Pollution: Killing Our Planet & How We Can Save It

We are killing our planet with plastic pollution. It’s time to make a change and do our part to help save it.

Artist Bio

Image of "Connected" artwork

As a master colored pencil artist and multi-faceted creative force, Tracey Chaykin aims to make a difference in the world through her art, actions, and articles that promote environmental conservation. Her highly detailed and emotionally evocative artwork has earned her recognition and numerous awards from prestigious organizations like ArtTour International Magazine, IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group, ABUN - Artists and Biologists Unite for Nature, and Artist for a Green Planet.


Her contributions to the conservation movement have not gone unnoticed. Chaykin’s award-winning art has garnered worldwide attention, including multiple ATIM Top 60 Masters awards, the Emerald Artya Award, the Collector’s Choice Award, and First Place in the Colored Pencil Society of America’s Explorations in Colored Pencil IX. Her artwork has also appeared on the Broadway Plaza, Nasdaq, “I Love NY” billboards in Times Square, New York, and the Amazon Best-Seller book ATIM’s Top 60 Masters.


Chaykin’s art has also been featured in several notable publications, such as Southwest Art Magazine, American Art Collector, and International Artist Magazine, highlighting her work’s growing impact. She continually aims to inspire others to take action and help preserve our environment and create a healthier world for future generations.

Talking Points

Art as a Vehicle for Emotion, Inspiration, and Purpose

Explore Tracey Chaykin’s journey as a master-colored pencil and mixed media artist. Discover how her artwork serves as a medium to transport viewers emotionally and how it conveys powerful messages to inspire and connect with the audience. Dive into her purpose-driven art, which raises awareness and funds for various causes.

  • Elevating Emotions Through Art: Explore the captivating world of master colored pencil and mixed media artistry with Tracey. Discover how her artwork is a portal, transporting viewers to emotional landscapes and inspiring a deeper connection with her creations.

  • Art with a Purpose: A Conversation on Impact: Dive into the realm of purpose-driven artistry as Tracey shares her passion for leveraging art to drive change. Uncover the stories behind her charitable initiatives, including raising funds for critical causes like animal conservation and international aid.

  • Artistry Meets Literary Talent: Embark on a journey into the intersection of art and literature with Tracey. Learn how her co-authored books and insightful articles enrich the artistic discourse and advance the cause of environmental conservation.

Image of "Talking Points" document for download

Conservation and Environmental Advocacy

Delve into Tracey’s role as a conservationist and environmentalist. Learn about her practical tips for water conservation, advocacy against plastic pollution, and insights into the global effects of wildfire pollution and climate change. Understand how her work as a writer and artist contributes to environmental protection.


  • Championing Water Conservation: Tracey’s commitment to the environment extends to practical tips for water conservation. Discover how she advocates for responsible water usage and how listeners can make a difference in their homes.

  • Combatting Plastic Pollution: Delve into the pressing issue of plastic pollution with Tracey’s expert insights. Learn about the devastating effects of plastics on our planet and take actionable steps to reduce plastic waste.

  • Global Impact of Wildfire Pollution: Tracey sheds light on the global repercussions of wildfire pollution and its correlation with climate change. Understand the urgency of this environmental challenge and explore potential solutions.

Philanthropy and Community Engagement

Explore Tracey’s philanthropic endeavors and her dedication to promoting the welfare of others. Discover how she uses her art to raise awareness for the conservation of animals and habitats and raise funds for charitable causes. Additionally, learn about her community involvement and efforts to educate and inspire others through colored pencil art.


  • Art for a Cause: Conservation and Beyond: Tracey’s philanthropic endeavors are an inspiring testament to her commitment to the welfare of others. Discover how her art initiatives have raised awareness and critical funds for wildlife conservation, humanitarian efforts, and community enrichment.

  • Educational Outreach and Stewardship: Tracey’s dedication to educating and forging community creativity is unparalleled. Uncover her efforts to empower aspiring artists and environmental stewards while promoting colored pencils as a fine art medium.

  • Backyard Environmentalism: Green Living Simplified: Tracey shares practical tips for advocating from your backyard, demonstrating how organic gardening reduces carbon emissions, supports family sustenance, and creates vital habitats for pollinators.

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