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From Sketches to Shades: The Making of Hawaiian Love Using Colored Pencils and More

As a Colored Pencil Artist, I am part of a locally committed group promoting this medium in the Fine Art community, the Colored Pencil Society of America District Chapter 210 for Northern CA. Every year, we participate in the Livermore Artwalk, a local event. Recently, we've e begun asking members to join in creating artwork with a purpose. Last year was "Sunflowers for Ukraine," and this year is "Maui Relief." All proceeds from themed-specific sales go to our charity of choice, World Central Kitchen.

World Central Kitchen's mission is to provide meals to victims and relief workers in times of need. Lahaina is one of those places. World Central Kitchen (WCK) Maui Relief effort has engaged local chefs and food growers, secured kitchen space at a community college, and actively provided fresh, culturally appropriate meals to emergency shelters and first responders. In the first two weeks alone, WCK has served more than 60,000 meals to families and responders.

The completed rendition of the Mixed Media piece Hawaiian Love

My subject choice for this unique project is the Hibiscus, Hawaii's state flower. I grow Hibiscus in my garden with many reference opportunities. My portfolio already includes a red Hibiscus drawing and a macro of a multicolored yellow Hibiscus. The new project I completed was to create a trilogy and tie them together.

First, deciding on the subject matter; next, deciding on the medium(s). The surface immediately at hand was Fabriano Black Black paper, which is always exciting and fun to work on. Next, the flowers in Colored Pencil naturally as a Colored Pencil artist, but after recently participating in a PanPastel demo, I also wanted to incorporate those.

I tend to focus on realism and details, but I decided to do something random and fun this time. In pursuing feedback from a colleague, I received suggestions to add some blue and shadows, possibly even make the shapes appear underwater. The underwater tip took me some thought on how to achieve as Pastel is easily changed when tampered with. Fixative to the rescue, and viola, challenge completed. lol

My contribution to this event will be all three images (Moonlighting, Hawaiian Love, Sunbathing) available in greeting cards and prints, along with two originals. I love art and helping people—such an excellent opportunity to include both to achieve desired results.

If you are local, visit the Livermore Artwalk on October 14th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and see us. I have also included this charity on my website to donate a percentage of any sales to World Central Kitchen Maui Relief.

Thank you for reading!


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